Criminal law

We have extensive, in-depth experience of criminal law and criminal procedure. We represent both adult and juvenile defendants in all areas of criminal law and are vigilant about ensuring that the correct procedures are followed and our clients’ rights are upheld. Well-versed in dealing with difficult situations, we focus on delivering an effective defense. We accept cases both as public defenders and as private attorneys and expertly guide our clients towards an adequate defense strategy.
We are also highly experienced at assisting victims to claim damages.

Road traffic law

We represent our clients in all areas of road traffic law, particularly traffic law violations and administrative proceedings (revocation of driver’s licenses, medical examinations for drivers, etc.)

Contract law

We advise on the drafting, editing and signing of contracts and assist with contract negotiations, enforcing contractual claims and defending our clients against unjustified claims. If necessary, we will also represent you in court.

Company law

We advise companies on corporate and contractual issues, provide corporate housekeeping services, help start-ups to establish their business models and assist with restructuring.

Tenancy law/private real estate and construction law

We advise on all aspects of tenancy and leasehold law. We accompany our clients to tenancy arbitration hearings, represent them in landlord-tenant court proceedings, and arrange for evictions when necessary. We also advise private individuals and companies on a wide range of issues and disputes relating to real estate and property law.

Employment law

We assist employers and employees in both the public and private sectors on employment law matters, including advising on a specific course of action, negotiating amicable settlements, and representing our clients in all types of employment tribunals.


We are exceptionally experienced in civil and criminal litigation. In civil litigation cases, we strive to achieve amicable financial settlements for our clients. Where disputes cannot be resolved amicably, we protect their interests before the Swiss courts and at arbitration tribunals.

Family law

We offer expert advice on the legal aspects of marriage (preparation of prenuptial and inheritance agreements) and cohabitation (cohabitation agreements).

We also advise and represent our clients in separation/divorce (marriage / cohabitation) and child custody cases.

Inheritance law

We advise on inheritance and estate planning issues and assist with the drafting of wills and testaments as well as prenuptial and inheritance agreements. We also act as executors of our clients’ estates.